Holiday Wish List 2013

November 20, 2013

A couple of nights ago we had the good fortune to run into Santa in Portland's Old Port. Or it could have just been a jolly old dude with a fantastic beard roaming Wharf Street. Either way, we learned this is what everyone will be getting for Christmas - a list for the nice and the not so nice in your life. Happy Holidays!


For the nice ones.



5. Frost River Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag. $25. For your brother. We met the guys from Frost River at an event in Boston and they're the real deal. This bag is well-made and will hold all the beef jerky and chocolate chip cookies you could ever want for lunch. Oh wait, you're an adult, so you should probably be having a real lunch. And bringing your lunch to work in a real bag. Like this one. 



4. Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash. $26. For you. (What, like you're not buying gifts for yourself this year?) I use this stuff every day and love it. It smells like a nature (well, the good parts of nature anyway - cedar, spearmint, rosemary and such) and feels awesome. Better than Kiehl's even. Yeah, that good.



3. Rogue Industries' Gentleman's Shave Kit. $64. For your best friend. You're gonna need something to hold that face wash on your next trip to Chiang Mai. Made in Maine of waxed canvas and top grain leather, with an antique bronze zipper. Best looking shave kit we've seen.



2. Ostrich Print Clutch. $50. For your sister. Premium Napa leather in our two-tone clutch design. Built to last for years and RFID-blocking for extra security.



1. The Rogue Wallet - Tobacco Bison. $50. For dad. Made in Maine, the best damn wallet ever. Fit for the front pocket so it's more comfortable and harder to pickpocket. RFID-Blocking too. Rugged, like pa. 


For the not so nice ones.



4. Jacob Bromwell Copper Flask. $149. For your troubled "artist" friend. If you're going to pick up one of these flasks, make sure to get it from our good friends at Portland Trading Co. Santa carries this, but his is always empty.  



3. Maine Maple Syrup. $59. For your co-worker. Wait... this should probably be on your nice list instead. Everyone loves maple syrup. Seriously, there is no one on earth who wouldn't want this. Liquid happiness. 



2. Glass Oil Lamp. $60. For the accident prone rival. Fire and oil. Done.



1. The Ambassador Passport Holder. $50. Bon voyage! For someone you wish would go on a trip... or for someone you actually like who will be traveling. Because it's not the gift, but the thought that counts. 

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