The Rogue Wallet Story - Creating a Front Pocket Wallet

We started out to build a better wallet.

When we couldn’t find a front pocket wallet we liked, we decided to make one ourselves. Design sketches and leather swatches eventually became a prototype, and before long we had a product. When our first few hundred sold out much faster than expected, we knew we had a business.

We never set out to be the biggest wallet company, just one of the best. Our patented Rogue Wallet is unlike any other wallet out there. In fact, we think it will be the best wallet you'll ever own. 

Our RFID-blocking credit card sleeves, also patented, are on the leading edge of financial security products. If you carry a contactless or RFID enabled credit card, you should be sure to protect the data stored on the chip inside.

We welcome your feedback and your ideas. We’re always striving to improve on what we’ve built.

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