Block RFID Skimming With Rogue Passport Holders

December 20, 2012

Here at Rogue Industries, we value privacy. It's why we make products designed to keep personal information - yours and ours - secure. In a world of surveillance cameras, computer viruses and key-loggers, we now also have to worry about RFID chips in our passports and credit cards being hacked. RFID technology, while convenient, is also extremely vulnerable to unauthorized access. 

With RFID "skimming" devices that can be bought online for only a few dollars - and can remotely access your information from up to thirty feet away - it's no wonder RFID hacking has become one of the leading methods of ID theft. And if you want to talk about some truly scary ID theft possibilities, imagine someone with a copy of your passport, and the trouble they can get into.

All passports issued by the US Government since 2007 contain an RFID chip. Requests for non-chipped passports are denied. We prefer to travel with peace of mind, which is why we offer Rogue Industries RFID blocking passport holders. These passport holders not only keep your passport and the information inside secure, they also contain credit card slots to hold your RFID enabled credit cards. (Many people are unaware that our credit cards and passports have RFID technology inside of them. In fact, it can be hard to tell which cards have an RFID chip unless you physically cut them open!)

The same patented tri-layer material that limits access to RFID chips in your passport prevents unauthorized access to your credit cards as well. This material, WalletGuard, effectively stops one type of ID theft before it starts. WalletGuard has been laboratory tested and even FIPS 201 approved for security. 

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