Community Connection

January 09, 2013

Rogue Industries understands that our success as a small Maine business and community partner is directly related to the health of our community. That is why we chose four non-profits to donate to this year, each committed to empowering and educating individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

Ethel's Tree provides transition training in life and work skills for youth and young adults who live with disabilities.  Ethel's Tree of Life is dedicated to teaching its students to expand their horizons, try new things, and empower themselves with new found confidence.

Creative Trails is an innovative experiential community support program for adults with developmental disabilities. Incorporating the arts, agriculture and outdoor, Creative Trails offers participants sophisticated opportunities, choices and integration to help support and guide them to becoming more independent. 

Fiddlehead Center was founded in September 2005 to offer a safe place for imaginative learning in the Arts and Sciences. Fiddlehead provides artistic and educational programs for children and adults of all ages, and is committed to inspiring creativity, self-discovery and self-confidence.

Field Academy is an academically rigorous, educationally innovative high school in which students use the United States as their classroom, and its diverse people and places as their textbook.  

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