The Nature of a Wallet.

June 06, 2013

A wallet is a mischievous little beast. Stitched together from the tanned hides of great creatures – buffalo and bull, deer and elk – it is a naturally strong-willed accomplice. Perhaps you’re familiar with the impish nature of your wallet. The way it sprouts its hidden legs and dashes from the place you last left it. Or how it devours all the paper money you can feed it, leaving behind only useless receipts. Throughout history wallets have attracted sundry characters, men of little virtue who attempt to capture them by threat or by force.

Given their prickly nature, a wallet should be chosen carefully. At first glance, many appear alike. Will your wallet be a target for thieves, bulging from your backside, or will it fit comfortably in your front pocket?  Is it constructed from the finest tanned leathers, or made from something cheap? Is the stitching the work of a craftsman, and where was this wallet made? Your wallet will be your wingman for years – is it one you can be proud of? If so, you’ll know immediately. 

A great wallet expertly fuses materials and craftsmanship, combining right form with essential function. It has the durability to join you on life’s great expeditions, and offers a little extra security, just in case. Finally, it possesses a refinement that pairs as well with an evening jacket as it does beach shorts. If you’ve found a wallet that meets this description, you’ve found a good one – a Rogue. Mischievous for sure – you can’t take that out of a wallet – but on your side.

Not all wallets are Rogues. But they’d like to be. 

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