Our Materials - Ballistic Nylon

If you are looking for the toughest wallet around, you’ve found it. Ballistic nylon was originally developed during WWII to keep airmen alive. Tough enough for use in a flak jacket, ballistic nylon eventually found its way into other products and uses. Today, the material's toughness and flexibility make it ideal for everything from motorcycle jackets to luggage to even kayaks.

Since we’re devoted to building products that last, we love using ballistic nylon in our wallets. Combined with RFID shielding technology, you've got one tough wallet on your hands. Go ahead and try one out. We manufacture these overseas so that we can offer our customers wallets to fit every price range. Long lasting and competitively priced, it’s easy to see why our ballistic nylon wallets are a customer favorite. 

Wells Lyons
Wells Lyons


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