The Spartan Wallet

Our newest wallet and a truly minimalist design. Space for currency and six cards. Shown above in brown bison, moose and black bison. Sewn in Maine.

Time and again, we have been asked to create a truly minimalist front pocket wallet. One which is great for weekends, or a night out, or for those that travel with only the bare essentials. 

We didn't want something which was close to what you were asking for.  We wanted it to be everything that you wanted. But no more. 

Sixteen iterations and eighteen months later and we are pleased to present our new line of patent pending Spartan Wallets.  Curved, of course, but slim to fit into about any front pocket. Space for a few bills and a crafty thumb slide for cards. Thin, ergonomic and intuitive. 
Made in the USA in our very own workshop.  Quantities limited. 
Dimensions: 4.5" L x 2.75" W x 0.25" H

Category: Made in Maine, Men's, Women's

Type: Wallet