How To Choose A Cloth Face Mask, and How To Wear One Properly

How do I choose the right face mask?

You’re looking for fit, function and durability. You want to make sure your mask has a snug but comfortable fit against the face. To fit correctly, it should feature ties or ear loops, and be made from multiple layers of fabric. Critically, any mask should allow you to breathe without difficulty or restriction. Your mask also needs to hold up to being washed and dried at high temperatures.

How do I wear my cloth face mask?

Wash your hands before putting the mask on.

Put your mask on before you leave your home. You don’t want to be fumbling with this as you’re walking into the grocery store.

Make sure your mask covers your mouth and and covers your nose, and fits snuggly at the bridge. There should be no spaces or gaps on the sides.

When removing the mask, do not touch the front of the mask or your face. Handle only the ties to remove the mask. Wash your hands after removing your mask.

Immediately wash your mask after wearing it in public.

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