Five Tips To Keep Your Wallet Looking Great For Years

A good wallet should last for many years. Here at Rogue Industries, we design and manufacture our leather goods with longevity in mind. It's part of our commitment to sustainability, reducing waste by increasing the useful life of our products. Here are a few tips will keep your new wallet in good shape and looking great the entire time.

     1. Do not get your leather wallet wet. If you do, dry it off quickly.

Water and leather don't get always get along. While many of our leathers are water resistant, letting your wallet get soaking wet and not drying it off will reduce the strength of the leather. If you want to keep your wallet looking its best, keep it out of the lake. If it falls in the lake, dry it off quickly. If you want to add an extra layer of protection, treat your wallet with our all-natural leather cream. The waxes in the cream create an extra barrier - worth considering adding it to the cart with your new wallet. 

     2. Do not overstuff your wallet. If you do, it creates strain on the stitching and defeats the purpose of having a slim wallet in the first place.

No one wants that George Costanza wallet. On our website, we list how many cards each type of wallet can reasonably carry. In addition, we have two types of interiors, the three-slot interior and the six-slot interior. The three-slot interior holds up to six cards and has an ID window, and the six-slot interior holds up to twelve cards and has two stash pockets. Our wallets are built to carry only the essentials.


     3. Clean your hands. No, really. 

It's not just because we're fond of good hygiene. You want to make sure your hands are clean while handling your leather wallet. While the natural oils from your skin will add to the patina of the leather over the years, barbecue sauce and WD-40 will just leave stains.

     4. Do not sit on your wallet.

This may seem obvious, but sitting on a wallet all day can create wear and tear on your back and and on your wallet. Hundreds of pounds of pressure for several hours every day adds up to a lot of wear. For something that lasts longer and is better for your back, check out our collection of patented front pocket wallets. Our wallets are designed to be carried in the front pocket, resulting in a more comfortable and more secure experience.

     5. Get rid of frayed and loose strings.

As your wallet gets more use over the years, you may notice a string that has frayed. Don't pull it! Rather, to get rid of those pesky frayed strings, hold a flame from a lighter or match to the loose thread and it will disappear like magic. Pulling on it will simply undo additional stitching unnecessarily.

Do you have any additional tips to keep your wallet in top shape? Leave them in the comments below. 

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