Here at Rogue, we have four things at our core:

  1. We make great products.
  2. We run a business with integrity.
  3. We have a lot of fun.
  4. We do a lot of good.

We'd be an awfully boring company if all we cared about was selling wallets. Here's what drives us:

Make Great Products.
We seek to push design forward, to create products that feel as good in your hands as they look on your table. We're obsessed with continuously improving our product line, which often means reviewing hundreds of leather swatches and drafting multiple design iterations before a product launches - and then incorporating your feedback into the next version.

Run a Business with Integrity.
We lead by example. This means treating customers well, with a meaningful satisfaction guarantee and great people staffing our customer service lines. We value our employees, and believe that a fairly compensated team, provided with meaningful work and a good amount of autonomy, will consistently produce great results. We honor our relationships with suppliers and retailers, treating everyone with respect.
Finally, when faced with a dilemma, we simply ask ourselves "What's the right thing to do here?" It's amazing how quickly good decisions can be made when that's the guiding question. It's equally amazing how many businesses would keep themselves out of trouble if they asked the same.

Have a Lot of Fun.
All work and no play would make Rogue a dull company. Our company ski team races on Thursday nights at Shawnee Peak in the winter - come say hello! Our blog articles and advertisements are cheeky and irreverent by design. When traveling for trade shows, we make sure to ask the locals where to eat, along with their recommendations on the most interesting sights to see.

Do a Lot of Good. 
This is where we excel - we support the many causes we believe in. One of our favorites is ILAP, the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project, here in Portland, Maine, where we help asylum-seekers fleeing violence and persecution find safety in the United States. We work to end homelessness amongst our service members by supporting the Veterans Housing Services Program at Preble Street. We give back locally, with programs like the Fiddlehead Center and the Children's Museum of Maine, and globally, with Doctors Without Borders. A big part of the value we create is the good we do.

Thanks for supporting us, and our work.