Selecting The Best Leather For Our Front Pocket Wallets

Great leather goods start with sourcing exceptional leather.

Selecting leather at Rogue Industries

When we set out to manufacture our front pocket wallets, leather selection is one of the first and most important steps.  You can express creativity through material selection, it’s where you begin to determine the look of the final product. It can also be a huge, huge hassle. Most tanneries require that you buy thousands of square feet of leather at a time; it’s just not practical for most makers. This is why so many small companies end up charging over $100 for a Made in USA wallet. Thankfully, we don't have to.

We’re so lucky that we live in Maine, and we’ve got a tannery close by where we can buy small quantities in-person, and keep our costs down. The leather that comes from our tannery is some of the best we’ve ever found, and we wanted to take you on a tour of our last trip to give you an insider’s perspective on our process.

A two hour drive north of Portland brings you to a tannery in Hartland, population 872. Behind an unassuming door you'll find a leather goods maker’s version of Disneyland.

This room holds thousands of leather hides, and so we begin our hunt. We're looking for full grain, US-sourced leather to use in our front pocket wallets that will last decades - leather that will look as good on the day you buy it as the day that you retire it.

Leather that has the right temper and thickness, the right pull-up we're after, and the right color. This leather has a story, and we’re happy that you are a part of our story.  

Leather Selection 2

Joel and the Team at Rogue Industries



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