Making Our Sebago Camp Coasters

We really enjoyed making our new Sebago Camp Coasters. Michael and I drove up to the the tannery and inspected a few dozen leathers that had both visual appeal and good water resistance.

Rogue Industries Wells Lyons and Michael Lyons Portland Maine

After picking out the leather and making the coasters, product testing was the essential next step. We tested these out with Bissell Brothers Substance, Allagash Black, Foundation Brewing Burnside and Atlantic's Coal Porter. Happy to report the coasters held up well under all conditions.

Rogue Industries Upta Camp Coasters Made in Maine

One of our favorite Maine traditions is going "Upta Camp." Our state has a lot of land and few people and so many families have a quiet cabin in the woods or a house near the coast. We designed our Sebago Camp Coasters to fit right in at the cabin, whether that's today or back when your grandfather built the place.

Rogue Industries Upta Camp

(On the way upta camp for us here at Rogue.)

 Let us know how you like 'em, and what you're enjoying them with.

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