8 Made in USA Father's Day Wallets for 8 Types of Dads

As Father’s Day sneaks up on us yet again, summer begins to heat up, and the pandemic begins to ease off, the best gift for Dad might very well be a new wallet to help him stay organized while he begins to enjoy the world again. With that in mind, here’s a look at eight different types of dads, and a Made in USA wallet from Maine’s Rogue Industries that matches each.

  1. The Baseball Fan. There’s no leather that can make you feel nostalgic quite like a baseball glove.
    Baseball GloveMade from the same leather you see in the outfield at Fenway and Wrigley, the Rogue Front Pocket Wallet in Ballglove is a great choice for dads who admire the sport.
    ball glove wallet
    A great conversation piece, it might even remind him of going to games with his dad when he was young.

  2. The Hunter. Does your dad enjoy his time in the outdoors? Have more than a few stories about his favorite hunts? If so, he might very well appreciate the Deerskin Front Pocket Wallet.
    buckskin wallet
    Crafted in Maine from super soft whitetail deer leather, it’s a welcome addition to any sportsman’s daily carry.

  3. The Fisherman. Salmon Leather WalletWe’re lucky to have some great places to fish here in Maine, and for a dad who enjoys a day out on the water, the Rogue Front Pocket Wallet in Salmon Leather is just the thing.

    Made from sustainable salmon leather, it’s got a look that’s totally unique.


  4. The Patriot. Quietly devoted to our nation and our particular way of life, this dad believes the American project to be a cause worthy of admiration and sacrifice.

    American Flag

    Few animals better represent America than the American Bison, and that’s why we suggest our Bison Leather Heritage Wallet.

    Bison Leather Wallet

    Our sustainable American bison leather is incredibly durable and only gets better with time, not unlike our nation itself.

  5. The Traditionalist. For the Traditionalist Dad, it’s all about sticking with what works. (No crazy front pocket wallet style for him, thanks.) For this type of loyal, supportive dad we recommend the Heritage Wallet – classic rectangular shape, yet slim enough for every style of carry, and built to withstand the test of time.

    Heritage Wallet

  6. The Chef. For the dad who likes to cook a good meal for his family, good ingredients are of the highest importance.


    And if he’s had the good fortune to prepare moose – whether in moose chili or moose tacos (a Rogue favorite) he knows that there’s nothing quite like moose when it comes to versatile and excellent proteins.

    Moose Leather Wallet

    Hence our recommendation of the Rogue Front Pocket Wallet in Moose Leather. Slim, streamlined and unique, a great choice for any dad’s special day. 

  7. The Patriarch. Some families have an individual who defines their entire tribe. This icon might have arrived at their perch by being the oldest, the biggest personality or the best story-teller. (In many families, it’s the matriarch who fills this role.) This head of the extended family takes their responsibility to future generations seriously. So we offer the Rogue Front Pocket Wallet in Alligator Leather– a luxurious wallet for a top shelf individual.
    Alligator wallet

  8. The Minimalist. This A-type dad is organized, on top of his game, and always on time. He believes in carrying just the essentials, and in always being prepared. For this father, Rogue’s Minimalist Wallet is just the right gift option. Crafted to carry just the essential, it’s a lightweight piece any minimalist dad will appreciate. 

Minimalist Wallet

No matter what type of Dad you’re celebrating this Father’s Day, there’s a perfect wallet for him. What type of wallet matches your dad? Leave a note in the comments below. 

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I have owned the international wallet for at least five years. To be honest I never got used to the front pocket usage. But when traveling or in a crowded place the wallet makes its way to my front pocket. Love the depth of this wallet. Great product!

Wayne Kilanowich June 14, 2021

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