Sustainable Bison Leather from Rogue Industries

Why do we use American Bison to make our leather goods? Because raising bison is good for the planet.

In pre-historic times, North America used to support as many as sixty million bison, from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico. Why so many? Because the natural environment supported these bison herds, and they in turn benefitted the ecosystems they inhabited. Bison grazing patterns are gentle enough to promote plant growth and biodiversity, and many native species have co-evolved with bison over time.

American Bison - Rogue Industries

Bison’s natural activities lead to the regeneration of healthy and productive soils, which in turn supports healthy grasslands. These grasslands are themselves a key tool in carbon sequestration. Like forests, healthy grasslands soak up carbon.  Restoring and protecting carbon-capturing grassland is an important tool in the fight against climate change.

Not only are bison good for the natural environment, if you choose to eat meat, they’re good for you too. Bison is leaner than fish, and has a surprising amount of omega-3’s. While they’re raised for meat, we’re interested in the byproduct – the bison hides we use to make leather goods.

Our Bison Leather Production is Sustainable

Our American Bison leather is chrome free, vegetable tanned and comes from a Gold Rated tannery. A gold rating from the Leather Working Group is the highest environmental rating that exists for leather tanneries, and is awarded only to select tanneries around the globe that exemplify the highest sustainability standards.  

Rogue Bison

Goods Made From Bison Leather Endure for Years 

Genuine American bison leather is without a doubt a unique and rugged leather. It has incredible strength compared to traditional cowhide leather, and its unparalleled softness, strength and durability make it the perfect leather for our wallets and bags. Bison leather will only improve its look and feel with wear and time, making it ideal for consumers interested in products that will last for years and years.

Rogue Bison


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I bought several different products from your company either for myself or for gifts and I was satisfied. Good quality. Keep up the good work

Herlani Herkamto June 14, 2021

I love my Bison leather front pocket wallet! It looks good feels good and I am sure it will be passed down to my grandson.

dan s engelstad June 14, 2021

Is it possible to purchase Bison leather to do some of my own leather work.

It would be relatively so no worries about competition.

Tom Daly June 14, 2021

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