The World's Finest Salmon Leather

The Word's Finest Salmon Leather?
In the design world there are myriad materials, colors and textures to work with.  
Our signature leathers at Rogue Industries are bison, moose and traditional cow leather.  As a designer, one leather that has always interested me is salmon leather. Salmon leather is thin, holds color very well, and is very durable.  In fact, ounce for ounce, salmon leather is stronger than cowhide. 
Our salmon leather comes from Iceland, where they craft some of the finest leathers I have ever seen.  
Our primary salmon leather supplier is Atlantic Leather. They are good people who do excellent work, and they know the science behind their craft. Many companies guard their supply chain details like a secret. We've found that good business relationships are worth sharing.
The salmon leather we've sourced from Iceland isn't the best because we say so. It's the best because the data says so. Over the past three years, we've evaluated salmon leather from tanneries all over the globe. We've inspected materials from Chile, Canada, South Korea and the United States. The sampling processes, testing, and import logistics have been considerable. And while most of the samples were good, nothing compared to the Icelandic leather.
It is also the costliest salmon leather in the world. The small batch tanning process, as well as using only the highest quality skins, results in an expensive product. We're delighted to craft it into wallets, clutches and coasters that will last for years and years. Each skin has a unique and remarkable pattern. It's some of the finest leather we've ever come across. We trust you'll enjoy it as much as we do.
One Salmon That Won't Be A Wallet


It would be great if you made your Nantucket front wallet out of salmon leather again.

Petet June 21, 2022

I’ve never heard of salmon leather! Sounds very exotic.

Grant April 10, 2020

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