7 Things To Look For In A Good Weekender Bag

A weekend getaway implies something short, effortless and fun, and only a good bag can promise you that experience. You need a bag that holds your world but which you can also carry around effortlessly. It needs to predict all your needs: whether it is zippered-pouches for your keys or bottle-holders for travel-size champagne.

This bag of contradictions is a like a best friend: it is on board with you on all your adventures, it is long-lasting and has the space to accommodate all that you may need. Luckily, finding the weekend bag isn’t as difficult as finding the best friend. Here are some tips to help you choose the ideal bag for all your journeys!

1. Space

A good weekend bag is a one-stop container for all your items: your clothes, contact lenses, camera, chargers, boots; so the first thing it should have is lots of space. A weekend bag made of canvas or leather, like the White Cap Waxed Canvas Duffle bag, is idealbecause it can expand to accommodate that extra pair of shoes you remembered last minute. You never know what kind of getaways you may have, so your bag should have the space to accommodate everything from extra beach towels for the Bahamas to fur-lined capes for a trip to Svalbard!

2. Compartments

Imagine having a spacious weekend bag in which you can stuff your house and your pet. Imagine opening it on your vacation to discover that this all-accommodating bag has swallowed your toothbrush into its internal depths. This is why you need compartments.  Your weekend bag should have small, hidden pockets for your spectacles, keys, passport, a pen holder (the first thing you lose in a bag is always your pen) and a waterproof pocket to store all your toiletries. Just use the Market Street Zippered Tote in Vegan Leather, and you won’t ever go back to a bag that doesn’t have at least four pockets!

3. Size

On vacation, you are going to have your weekend bag on you at all times. Even without heavier items, you will have the bag on you as you explore the city. This means it is essential that your weekend bag isn’t clunky or difficult to carry. The best bag for your weekend adventures is one that can be stashed as easily on the back of a motorbike as into the overhead compartment of a plane. If you can’t imagine such a bag, you need to check out the Waxed Canvas Tote Bag. 

4. Durability 

Nothing encumbers a trip like a bag that falls apart the second time you used it. Invest in a bag made of strong material like leather. Take the Fore Street Tote Bag:  not only does the leather guarantee durability, it also gets a rugged glamour with use. Invest in a durable bag for an outdoor sport like motorbiking, or hiking, so that you can enjoy without any fears of damage. For added precaution, check out bags that come with warranties!

5. Looks

While looks aren’t the first priority on any weekend bag, there is no point travelling without style. But considering your weekend bag is a long-term investment, pick something classic that is not dictated by trends or fast fashion. Leather bags especially have a long-lasting glamour and charm. The Market Street Zippered Tote in Vegan Leather packs in an elegant appeal while meeting all the requirements for the perfect weekend bag! 

6. Accommodating of your Needs

Maybe most of your weekend trips are to beaches. Maybe they are motorbiking or cycling trips across cities. Maybe they are family vacations. Whatever the common thread, get a weekender bag that accommodates all your specific needs. If you frequently travel for work, it should have a separate compartment for your laptop. If you travel with family, it should have an accessible pocket for food. Heading to the gym? Pick a handy book to fit in your gym apparels and gym accessories. Choose your bag carefully keeping in mind these individual factors.

7. Pocket-Friendly

Even as a good weekend bag seems to pack in so much, don’t purchase a bag that costs a bomb. Bags can get damaged or lost on trips, and to be making a huge investment in a bag can cut deeply. It is more feasible to buy a mid-range bag that offers you the ease of comfortable travel, without feeling like an indulgence. With a price range of $50-$250, you can easily find the bag—nay, companion—of your dreams!

A huge part of how any short vacation turns out is how well-prepared you are for it, and the root of all that preparation lies in your weekend bag. Once you invest in the perfect weekend bag, and you can be sure that you will memorable and happy weekend getaways! 

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