Why Your Wallet is Causing You Back Pain, and What You Can Do About It

Sitting on your wallet all day could be causing you back pain. Fortunately, there's a simple fix.

There are tons of ways to ruin your back. Some, like helping your best friend move, you can't do much about. They come with the territory, and they're totally worth it. Other causes of back pain may have seemed like a good idea at the time: amateur parkour training in a foreign land for example.

Amateur Parkour Training - One Cause of Back Pain

Or launching off that massive ski jump, because, you know, you're a pretty good skier.

I've got this - I saw it in a movie once.

Or six whiskies and a ride on the mechanical bull.

Whiskey related activities are also a leading source of back pain.

If you're doing any of those, hey, at least you've got some stories.

But one surefire way to ruin your back is neither virtuous nor entertaining - sitting on your wallet all day, year after year. Now there's a party.

 Sitting on a wallet all day can lead to back pain.

Why is my back killing me? And who turned off my MacBook?

So what's the issue? Why is sitting on your wallet so bad for your back? Two reasons.

Fist, the human spine is a fickle piece of equipment. It doesn't take much to throw it out of alignment, and a small imbalance, such as sitting on a wallet all day, forces your pelvis to shift at a slight angle. This in turn means your back has to work extra hard to keep you from sitting off to one side. You actually hunch to compensate, putting extra stress on your spine. And hunching at your desk not only makes you look like a goon, it leads to aches by lunchtime. No bueno.

Second, you've got a massive nerve by your hip that often gets pinched when you sit on your wallet for a long time. A pinched nerve is about as much fun as getting chased by a pack of wolves. (That happens here in Maine from time to time.)

It's the wolves again. They're circling the house.

This pressure on your sciatic nerve can cause all manner of trouble, from numbness to shooting pain.

Rather than endure lower back pain from sitting on that lump of leather, paper and plastic under your rump, we'd advise you to get a front pocket wallet. In fact, that's the advice that led to the creation of this very company. 

So if you're looking for a front pocket wallet, you're in the right place.

And after you make the switch to a front pocket wallet, enjoy a better feeling back - at least until you hit that next ski jump.


I’m almost 70 and have been carrying a wallet in my back pocket all my life and yes had sciatic problems for the last 20 yrs. Tried everything and when I started carrying my wallet in my front pockets six months ago. No more pains, that’s my story and sticking with it!

Mitch Tarbell March 22, 2022

Right on! Upon changing my thick wallet into a soft narrow wallet. My back, hood It feels.

Moises salas April 10, 2020

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