9 Questions Asked By Our Customers

 At Rogue Industries, we enjoy hearing from our customers, whether they are suggestions, questions, or concerns. In this post, we thought it would be a good idea to share questions we have received from our customers, which may help you understand our products a little bit better and who we are as a small family-owned business.  


1. Q: What is the difference between top-grain leather and full-grain leather?

A: Top-grain leather is sanded, buffed, or shaved off. Shaving off the top layer can also be referred to as splitting leather. Full-grain leather means the hair is removed, and the hide goes into tanning—the leather patinas over time.


2. Q: Which of your wallets is the softest?

A: Our Napa leather wallet would be our softest leather. It is incredibly soft, smooth, and strong. Our Napa leather wallet is made out of cowhide leather.


3. Q: What is the difference between the Horween Bison Front Pocket Wallet and the American Bison Front Pocket Wallet?

A: Our Horween Bison is more of a luxurious leather from the Horween Leather Company, one of the oldest tanneries in the U.S. They have the highest quality leather. The Horween leather is darker brown compared to the American Bison in brown. 


4. Q: What are the benefits of having the Nantucket Front Pocket wallet compared to the original design?

A: The Nantucket provides more room for your bills on top, so they lay flat. This provides easier access to your cash.


5. Q: Are your wallets waterproof?

A: No, we do not recommend getting our products wet. We have a leather cream that waterproofs, restores, and protects your leather, so your wallet lasts longer.


6. Q: Do you have a local store?

A: No, we do not. We have a showroom where you can view many of the products we make. If you are in the area, could you give us a call?


7. Q: Can we pick up our order from your address if we are in the area?

A: Yes. Please call us to arrange a time you will be coming by so we have your package ready for you. 


8. Q: What do you do with the extra leather used to make your leather products?

A: We are selling our leather scraps on Etsy. We have a variety of leather scraps, such as bison and cowhide leather. We try not to waste anything and be as sustainable as much as possible. 


9. Q: Why do you sell bison leather?

A: American Bison leather is not just unique but incredibly durable compared to cowhide. It patinas over time, making it ideal for customers interested in having a long-lasting product for years. Also, our bison leather production is sustainable, and you can learn more from our article, specifically about our bison leather.


If you have any questions, you can reach us by text, email, chat, or comment below.

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