Building a Better Wallet

Rogue Industries - Building a Better Wallet

     Back pocket wallets are badly designed. If you live in a major city, carrying your wallet in your back pocket is just asking to be pickpocketed, and sitting on a thick wallet all day is a great way to end up with an aching back. But you really can't just stick a back pocket wallet in your front pocket and hope for the best - they're too bulky.

     So we decided to make a front pocket wallet that is more comfortable and more secure than anything else out there.

     The Eureka moment was when Michael was doing some laundry. He had a pair of pants inside out and noticed the front pocket isn't a square shape - it has a rounded, pointed shape, kind of like a shark fin.

     So Michael decided to make a front pocket wallet that matched the front pocket shape. We got two patents on the design, and began learning about leather. Michael showed prototypes to friends, family and strangers and got really good feedback; product testers thought it was a smarter design and a more comfortable everyday carry. So he decided to go for it. And that's how the Rogue Front Pocket Wallet was born. We built a website - the first version of which is was truly terrifying - and cobbled together a couple of advertisements, attended a few trade shows, and before we knew it we had a small business.

     We now offer a couple of dozen styles in leathers like alligator, bison and moose, as well as an RFID blocking collection, and a Made in USA line. We hope you like what we've made, and look forward to receiving your feedback on how to improve what we’ve built.

Take care,

Michael Lyons & Wells Lyons

(Father & Son, Co-Owners)

 Wells Lyons and Michael Lyons