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Sitting on your wallet all day could be causing you back pain. Fortunately, there's a simple fix.

There are tons of ways to ruin your back. Some, like helping your best friend move, you can't do much about. They come with the territory, and they're totally worth it. Other causes of back pain may have seemed like a good idea at the time: amateur parkour training in a foreign land for example.

Amateur Parkour Training - One Cause of Back Pain

Or launching off that massive ski jump, because, you know, you're a pretty good skier.

I've got this - I saw it in a movie once.

Or six whiskies and a ride on the mechanical bull.

Whiskey related activities are also a leading source of back pain.

If you're doing any of those, hey, at least you've got some stories.

But one surefire way to ruin your back is neither virtuous nor entertaining - sitting on your wallet all day, year after year. Now there's a party.

 Sitting on a wallet all day can lead to back pain.

Why is my back killing me? And who turned off my MacBook?

So what's the issue? Why is sitting on your wallet so bad for your back? Two reasons.

Fist, the human spine is a fickle piece of equipment. It doesn't take much to throw it out of alignment, and a small imbalance, such as sitting on a wallet all day, forces your pelvis to shift at a slight angle. This in turn means your back has to work extra hard to keep you from sitting off to one side. You actually hunch to compensate, putting extra stress on your spine. And hunching at your desk not only makes you look like a goon, it leads to aches by lunchtime. No bueno.

Second, you've got a massive nerve by your hip that often gets pinched when you sit on your wallet for a long time. A pinched nerve is about as much fun as getting chased by a pack of wolves. (That happens here in Maine from time to time.)

It's the wolves again. They're circling the house.

This pressure on your sciatic nerve can cause all manner of trouble, from numbness to shooting pain.

Rather than endure lower back pain from sitting on that lump of leather, paper and plastic under your rump, we'd advise you to get a front pocket wallet. In fact, that's the advice that led to the creation of this very company. 

So if you're looking for a front pocket wallet, you're in the right place.

And after you make the switch to a front pocket wallet, enjoy a better feeling back - at least until you hit that next ski jump.

The New Year

January 09, 2017


Rogue Industries - The Best Time to Plant a Tree

It's never too late to start a new project, to pick up that guitar or paintbrush or pen. What better time than now to share your insights with the world? 

We really enjoyed making our new Sebago Camp Coasters. Michael and I drove up to the the tannery and inspected a few dozen leathers that had both visual appeal and good water resistance.

Rogue Industries Wells Lyons and Michael Lyons Portland Maine

After picking out the leather and making the coasters, product testing was the essential next step. We tested these out with Bissell Brothers Substance, Allagash Black, Foundation Brewing Burnside and Atlantic's Coal Porter. Happy to report the coasters held up well under all conditions.

Rogue Industries Upta Camp Coasters Made in Maine

One of our favorite Maine traditions is going "Upta Camp." Our state has a lot of land and few people and so many families have a quiet cabin in the woods or a house near the coast. We designed our Sebago Camp Coasters to fit right in at the cabin, whether that's today or back when your grandfather built the place.

Rogue Industries Upta Camp

(On the way upta camp for us here at Rogue.)

 Let us know how you like 'em, and what you're enjoying them with.

When we set out to manufacture our front pocket wallets, leather selection is one of the first and most important steps.  You can express creativity through material selection, it’s where you begin to determine the look of the final product. It can also be a huge, huge hassle. Most tanneries require that you buy thousands of square feet of leather at a time; it’s just not practical for most makers. This is why so many small companies end up charging over $100 for a Made in USA wallet. Thankfully, we don't have to

We’re so lucky that we live in Maine, and we’ve got a tannery close by where we can buy small quantities in-person, and keep our costs down. The leather that comes from our tannery is some of the best we’ve ever found, and we wanted to take you on a tour of our last trip to give you an insider’s perspective on our process.

A 2 hour drive north of Portland brings you to a small factory on a river, in a town of less than 2,000 people.

An unassuming door…


Leads you up an unassuming staircase…


And all of a sudden you are transported to a leather goods maker’s version of Disneyland.


This room holds thousands of leather hides, and so we begin our hunt. We're looking for full grain, US-sourced leather to use in our front pocket wallets that will last decades - leather that will look as good on the day you buy it as the day that you retire it. This leather has a story, and we’re happy that you are a part of our story.  

Joel, and rest of the Rogue Industries Team

See the leather in this photo? It's a sneak peak of our Fore Street Tote before it becomes a tote.


We're often asked which of our wallets is the softest, and without a doubt, we recommend our Made in Maine Deerskin Wallet. Traditionally used in gloves and bookbindings, deerskin has been a cherished leather for centuries, prized for its soft feel. We source our deerskin leathers from across the United States. Our softest front pocket wallet is also one of our most popular, especially with hunters. 

Deerskin Front Pocket Wallet from Rogue Industries

Father’s Day Gifts – Do a quick search and you’ll probably be bombarded with “You’re the Greatest” ties, and coffee mugs.  You could get dad just about anything, and he would be thankful. But this is the man that taught you how to drive, the guy that put up with you through all your phases (we saw that yearbook photo).  Why not get him something unique, something great, something he’ll really enjoy.

We’ve put together a list of Father’s Day Gift Ideas to outfit him with some of the things you might actually want yourself.   

Slow watch

Dad has been on the go since before you were born.  Help him slow down with a new watch from the brand Slow watches.  These watches have only one hand, the hour hand. Time passes by slowly; it’s about time he gets a chance to relax.

Dollar Shave Club

A box-subscription company that lets you choose from great razors, and pick the frequency of the refills. A few bucks a month gets Dad a great razor, and the no-commitment subscription is easy to set up so he’s always got a fresh one when he needs it.  Dad has always got your back, and now you’ve got his.

Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need

Maybe you have memories of Dad making you finish your vegetables before leaving the table every night, but that doesn’t mean the guy can’t cook.  This book puts together some of the greatest meals Dad could dream of. He will love it. But you’re going to do the cooking on Father’s day, right?

Bison Leather Rogue Front-Pocket Wallet

Help Dad replace that old overstuffed wallet that he’s been sitting on for ages. Rogue Industries makes the best wallet tailored for his front pocket, where a wallet belongs. It’s patented, and made in Maine, USA from Cowhide, Bison, and Moose leather.  These front-pocket wallets last forever, so unfortunately you won’t be getting him another one next year.

Portland General Store Skincare Gift Set

With scents like Wood, Black Fly, and Hunting Camp, the folks at Portland General Store (Maine, of course) know how to make luxurious, and natural products for guys. This skincare set is complete with Shave Jelly, Beard Oil, Hand Cream, and is perfect for an adventurous empty-nester Dad’s next adventure.

Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post is a box-subscription service with boxes geared toward fashion, food, grooming, and much more. This is a truly unique Father’s Day Gift that lets you pick one box, or a monthly subscription. These custom-curated creations are perfect gifts for the grill-master, the fashion-forward dad, or the jet-setter.

L.L. Bean Men's Signature Jackman Camp Moc

Remember that fishing trip you went on years ago? Or that cabin your family rented on the lake? These L.L. Bean Signature Mocs are what Dad wore on that trip. They are handsewn, crafted from premium domestic leather, and outfitted with rawhide laces by Kentucky’s renowned Auburn Leather Company. Dad will love kicking around the camp in these comfy moccasins from L.L. Bean. This is an awesome father’s day gift that he’ll have for years.  

Brewery Tour

Rather than just buying gift, why not take Dad on a unique father’s day experience at your favorite local brewery? Ours is Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, Maine. The tours usually take you through the brewhouse where you learn about fermentation, kegging and bottling, and most of them end with a tasting. Find out what his favorite libation is, book a tour, enjoy some quality time with Dad!

We hope this list of the 8 best Father's Day gifts has given you some inspiration. Did we miss anything? Let us know what your best Father's Day gift idea is in the comments below!

-The Rogue Industries team

Top 10 Reasons to Carry a Front Pocket Wallet

Thinking about making the switch to a front pocket wallet? Allow us to make our case:

 1) A front pocket wallet is more comfortable.

       Back pocket wallets are a beast to sit on all day – especially when overstuffed. Our front pocket wallets are slim by design, and made to fit the rounded cut of your front pocket. You can comfortably sit down without having to remove your wallet.

2) A front pocket wallet looks better.

       A bulky back pocket wallet doesn’t exactly look good – especially when you’re wearing slim fit dress pants or skinny jeans. Asymmetry is not easy on the eyes. Our front pocket wallets are slim by design, so you won’t have any odd shapes ruining a streamlined look.

3) A front pocket wallet won’t wreck your jeans the way a back pocket wallet will.

       If you have a favorite pair of jeans and you’ve been carrying a wallet in your back pocket for a while, you know your wallet will wear down your denim. Because you’re not putting your weight on the fabric with a front pocket wallet, our wallets won’t ruin your favorite jeans.


4) A front pocket wallet is more convenient than your old back pocket wallet.

       With a front pocket wallet, you no longer have to remove your wallet every time you sit down (and remember to grab it again when you get back up). One less thing to remember throughout the day is a win in our book.

5) A front pocket wallet is way harder to pickpocket.

       A back pocket is often the first place a pickpocket tries. If someone is trying to get their hand down the front of your pants to get your wallet, you're gonna notice. 

6) A front pocket wallet is better for your back.

       No one should be sitting on a wallet all day. If you're sitting on a back pocket wallet, there's a good chance the misalignment of your posture is putting pressure on your sciatic nerve, which can lead to back pain over time. Why have pain if you can avoid it? It’s never too early to take care of your future self.

7) Many of our front pocket wallets are RFID-blocking.

       In addition to being harder to physically pickpocket, many of our Rogue Wallets are RFID-blocking to prevent electronic pickpocketing. RFID-blocking technology prevents skimming attacks against contactless credit cards. (Skimming attacks are a type of identity theft that can result in a thief getting your name and credit card number with a simple electronic reader.) If you’re carrying an RFID-blocking wallet, it’s one les thing to worry about.

8) Our front pocket Rogue Wallet is different.

       Because our wallets are shaped to better fit your front pocket, they don’t look like anything else on the market. That’s ok. We don’t want to look like everyone else. We suspect you might not either.

9) Our front pocket wallets are built to last.

       We’re here for the long haul, so we take pride in our construction. All of our wallets are made to last years of use. We find the most durable leathers and test them out in the least hospitable environments. These things last.

 Front pocket wallet left out on the side of a ski mountain for 2 months.

10) If you don’t like our front pocket Rogue Wallet, we’ll give you a full refund.

       If you buy one of our wallets and decide it’s not for you, that’s ok. Every purchase has a two year complete satisfaction guarantee. So if you decide our wallet isn't for you, send it back and we'll give you a full refund - it’s zero risk. We’ve offered this guarantee for years, and less than 0.01% of customers send their wallets back. We have thousands of customer reviews available on our site, be sure to read a few.

So, that’s 10 points for front pocket wallets, 0 points for back pocket wallets. We think you’ll like the change.

What did we miss? What are your reasons for carrying a front pocket wallet? Leave your comments below!

RFID-blocking wallet competition is heating up! As reported in the Wall Street Journal, privacy-minded customers are increasingly demanding RFID-blocking wallets.

We still think our line of Rogue Wallets - especially the front pocket, RFID-blocking, Made in USA ones - take first place. Not sure how they missed our line up in their product review, but hey, it's not the first time we've questioned the journal's reporting.

We started out to build a better wallet.

When we couldn’t find a front pocket wallet we liked, we decided to make one ourselves. Design sketches and leather swatches eventually became a prototype, and before long we had a product. When our first few hundred sold out much faster than expected, we knew we had a business.

We never set out to be the biggest wallet company, just one of the best. Our patented Rogue Wallet is unlike any other wallet out there. In fact, we think it will be the best wallet you'll ever own. 

Our RFID-blocking credit card sleeves, also patented, are on the leading edge of financial security products. If you carry a contactless or RFID enabled credit card, you should be sure to protect the data stored on the chip inside.

We welcome your feedback and your ideas. We’re always striving to improve on what we’ve built.

What is RFID Skimming?

From Wikipedia: "RFID Skimming is a form of digital theft, which enables information from RFID based smart cards to be read and duplicated. It can be used as a form of wireless identity theft or credit card theft among other forms of information theft. Typically it works by illegitimate reading of RFID chips at a distance using a cheap RFID reader device, which downloads the card information. From there, it can be written to a new blank card, which then operates in the same manner as the original legitimate card."

What is WalletGuard?

WalletGuard is Rogue Industries' shielding, used in the lining of our wallets, clutches and credit card sleeves. It blocks the transmission of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) waves at 13.56mHz.

How does WalletGuard block RFID signals on contactless credit cards?

By creating a Faraday Cage. The metal barrier used in WalletGuard is RFID-blocking, or "electromagnetically opaque" as it is known to the US Government department that regulates this type of thing. You can learn more on the Wikipedia page here. The material itself is remarkably thin so that it won't bulk up your purse or wallet.

The sleeves appear to be nothing more than a sheet of paper—how could they possibly stop ID Theft?

The paper is indeed both very thin and flexible—but it is also an amazing piece of technology. Sandwiched between the inner and outer layers of paper is the nano thin layer of metal—and it is precisely this metal layer which provides the barrier for RFID protection. This combination of paper and metal bonded together creates an exceedingly durable sleeve.

How many cards can the sleeves hold?

The sleeves are designed to only hold one credit card per sleeve

Does it matter which way you insert the card into the sleeve?

It does not matter how you insert a credit card into the sleeve. The entire sleeve is constructed with a 3-layered material (the inside layer is a metal coating). This envelopes and protects the entire card.

Do you have a patent on the top-loading sleeve design?


For an ID theft to occur, does the thief need to physically gain possession of the credit card?

In the past, this was indeed the case. But no more. Now an ID thief can steal the information with a readily available skimmer and remotely access personal information contained on the credit card directly through wallets.

Over what distance can this personal information be stolen?

Researchers have shown this is possible at a distance of 30 feet.

You are claiming that personal credit card information can now be remotely stolen without ever even taking your wallet or purse out—and that this can happen up to 30 feet away?

This exact situation was recently verified to our company by federal law professionals specializing in this specific area of consumer fraud.

Are all credit cards susceptible to remote skimming?

No, this is a problem specific to contactless credit cards - the so called smart credit cards - which have an embedded microchip. They are sometimes recognizable as VISA Contactless, Quick VSDC, VISA Wave, PayWave, PayPass MChip by Mastercard—also referred to as "Tap N Go", American Express with ExpressPay, Zip by Discover, AMEX Clear, Blue Card and Blue Sky, and Chase Blink. Unfortunately, in many cases the cards are not clearly identified as being RFID enabled. Debit cards from Citizens Bank, HSBC, Key Bank and Charter One are also RFID enabled. With many credit and debit cards, it is simply impossible to know if the cards contain the microchip.

How many of these smart credit cards are out there?

Hundreds of millions are now in circulation.

How durable are your RFID-Blocking sleeves?

We expect that they will last up to three years under normal use. These sleeves are a highly economical way to provide a common sense solution against ID theft.

I've heard that now even passports have a microchip embedded in them? True or false?

True. We make RFID-Blocking passport sleeves too for just this reason.

In addition to contactless credit card protection, will these metal lined sleeves also protect the new driver’s licenses, keyless building cards, and passport cards?

Yes, as long as the units are being read within the standard 13.56 megahertz range.

Does WalletGuard protect against all kinds of identity theft?

If it did, we'd be on a beach in South America. No. Identity theft can occur in dozens of ways. However, WalletGuard is effective at preventing one of the methods of identity theft, by blocking unauthorized access to credit card RFID chips and the data they contain.

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