Rogue Industries Shifts Production From Leather Wallets to Cotton Face Masks to Fight Covid-19

In response to the global pandemic and ensuing personal protective equipment shortages, we have suspended our production of leather wallets and canvas bags, and are now exclusively manufacturing reusable, washable cotton face masks. 

Face Masks from Rogue Industries

We realized that we had the people and equipment available to make a small difference in this fight. From the time we decided to make this pivot, it was less than a week before we began supplying local assisted living facilities with desperately needed face masks.

Face Masks from Rogue Industries

We’re incredibly proud of our team, for coming together to help out and provide essential protective equipment during this time. 

Rogue Face Mask 2

Customers can still order our products through our website, and even make a donation to supply cloth masks to those in need. Thank you for being there as we get through these times together. Your support means everything.

The Team at Rogue


That’s truly amazing of Y’all to do the mask, I work at a nursing home and we are in need of mask so bad, we each got one but we are in need so I’m hoping and praying that I can find some materials needed to hopefully get everyone at least one more so we don’t have to wash every night. God bless y’all and thank y’all again!

Kobie Jorgenson April 27, 2020

We live on USMC base in San Diego and my daughter has been making face masks also. Good luck and God Bless to all of you and Thank You!!!!!

Katie April 27, 2020

I am a repeat customer and proud you shifted to making masks My 97 old mother won’t wear anything but washable cotton. Can I make a donation and 3-4 masks shipped her? Thanks and keep up your great work.Bpb Bzik

Robert Bzik April 27, 2020

How can I order a few masks from y’all? Can’t find a way to see the products avavilable.

Paul Hill April 27, 2020

I would buy a few masks from you at a price that allows you to donate more masks than I buy to those in need. How to do that?

Rod April 27, 2020

I am interested in buying some face masks. Are you selling them to the public?
I couldn’t see anywhere to order them on your web site. I need 7.

patricia spyra April 27, 2020

I commend Rogue and your employees for making and distributing these much needed Covid-19 era face mask. I cannot locate on your web sight a place to purchase them or make a financial donation to you to help offset your cost for this humanitarian purpose. Many of your customers including my family can use these if you decide to sell them direct or accept donations toward your cost. I did make a purchase of coasters. Please let me know. if there are other options.
Sid Hardwicke

Sid Hardwicke April 27, 2020

How much are the facemasks, and how can I get some.

Bob Morrissey April 27, 2020

Can a small Church, (approximately 85 persons,) order your masks? If so, what is the process.

Gary April 27, 2020

How can I purchase 2 masks? Can’t find any where we live. Thanks. You may text me at 443-375-2701

Harry Fogle April 27, 2020

I’ve bought your front pocket wallet before and love it .
My wife has a heart condition and we are having a hard time finding face masks for her . Can I buy one and how much would it cost . Your company and it’s people and companies like you are what this country is about . God Bless you all.

Ralph Bishop April 27, 2020

Thank you! Great company & great people. Trust their products. Always there to help.

Karen Wirth April 20, 2020

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