The 20 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2022

Trying to find the best front pocket wallet? You’re in the right place.

Here at Rogue we’ve been designing slim, minimalist wallets for over a decade. Some might even call us the front pocket wallet OGs. When we launched in 2007 as the Rogue Wallet Company, we had one product – the Rogue Front Pocket Wallet. Nearly 1 million wallets later, we know a thing or two about what goes into a wallet worth telling your friends about.

And while we’re proud of our dedication to craftsmanship, design and affordability, we’re not so proud of our accomplishments that we can’t spread the love every now and then. With the following guide, we’re doing just that. So here are our two cents on the best front pocket wallets money can buy. We’re in good company with fellow killer brands like Bellroy, Shinola and Will Leather Goods. We think our leather goods check a lot of the boxes for a great modern minimalist wallet – but we’re know we’re not the only one out there making great leather goods. Now, let’s upgrade that wallet, shall we?

Why Front Pocket Wallets?

All it takes is one ride on the subway to know that even the best wallet isn’t secure when it’s resting in your back pocket. Don’t make yourself a target for the first pickpocket who passes you by. Back pocket wallets are really easy to steal; front pocket wallets aren’t.

The finest front pocket wallets of 2021

Another reason why every man should own a front pocket wallet? Because the best front pocket wallets are minimalist by default. You don’t want some bulky trifold taking up real estate in your front pocket. It’s not a good look. In the process of choosing a front pocket wallet, you’re forcing yourself to take a more curated approach toward what goes into that wallet.

There’s a lot to be said for simplicity. Start with your wallet.

What to Look for in a Front Pocket Wallet

Put simply, the best front pocket wallets should be slim, lightweight, and durable. If you ask us, made in the USA wallets are the best ones to buy, but that could just be our love of American craftsmanship coming through. No matter what the source, the wallet should fit in your front pocket without taking up too much space or adding too much bulk. One last feature to look for is RFID blocking, which prevents savvy thieves from stealing your credit card data through the air. Welcome to the future. It’s a crazy world out there, folks.

The Best Front Pocket Wallets and Minimalist Wallets 

From the cool and affordable to the ultra-luxe robber baron wallets, we have you covered. Here are the best front pocket wallets out there today.

 The Rogue Front Pocket Wallet

  1. The Classic Made in Maine Rogue Front Pocket Wallet

The front pocket wallet that started it all. Thanks to its signature rounded profile, this slim and lightweight stunner fits the shape of your front pocket perfectly. Each one is crafted from premium top grain cowhide leather and equipped with RFID blocking lining.

Rogue Front Pocket Wallet Open

Best of all, it’s stitched in Maine, USA. At only 0.25 inches thick, it’s comfortable to carry and as slim as a full-sized wallet gets. Choose between black or bourbon cowhide and either a 6 or 12 card capacity. Throw some cash into the billfold pocket and you’re set. $45.

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 Bellroy Hide and Seek

  1. Bellroy Hide & Seek

Hailing from Australia, Bellroy remains steadfast in their commitment to ethical practices and quality goods. The brand’s leather hides are tanned under gold-rated Leather Working Group environmental protocols, and their woven fabrics are sustainably sourced. That brings us to the Hide & Seek, a signature minimalist wallet that’s worth every extra penny of its price tag. Features include built-in RFID protection, 4 quick-access slots, a protected section for cards, a flat bill section, and a hidden coin pouch. Indeed, this brand does a great job at packing maximum functionality into a slim and elegant package. Well done, gents! $89.

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Will Bifold
  1. Will Leather Goods The Leather Billfold

Bring out your inner magnate with this billfold wallet from Will Leather Goods. Crafted from vegetable tanned leather, it’s dressed to impress and truly built to last. The brand is so confident in this product that they’ve backed it with a lifetime warranty. A little pricey perhaps at $90, but it could very well be the last wallet you ever buy. Don’t forget to look for the nifty cow logo.

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 Ekster Wallet

  1. Ekster Parliament Wallet

A masterpiece of modern design, the Parliament delivers palpable quality and innovation at a solid price. Behold its beautifully slim profile, which takes up less pocketspace than the average smartphone. On the outside is environmentally certified leather, but the real magic is within. That’s where you’ll find Ekster’s patented aluminum cardholder, which fans out your cards at the click of a button. For an extra $39, the brand will also include an ultra-slim, solar-powered tracking device. Now your wallet isn’t just stylish and smart, it’s damn hard to lose. $89.

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Nantucket Front Pocket Wallet in Horween Bison Leather 

  1. Rogue Industries Nantucket Front Pocket Wallet in Horween Bison

Not ones to mess with perfection, we didn’t veer too far from our original design when crafting this upgrade. To improve your access to that cold hard cash, we took our signature rounded shape and flipped it 180 degrees. As always, you can expect a slim, smart, and superior front pocket wallet, made in the USA from Horween Bison leather and equipped with RFID blocking. Sealing the deal is an unbeatable price point. $55.

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Shinola Card Case 

  1. Shinola Five Pocket Card Case

If you can’t fit all your cards into this streamlined EDC, then you’re rolling around with too many cards. Awash with premium leather construction, it hosts a leather-lined cash pocket along with four credit card pockets, each of which is lined in silky faille. RFID blocking is built-in and so too is a minimalist profile, while painted edges offer just the right amount of distinction. Choose between four different but equally handsome colors and expect a top-notch, made in the USA wallet. But you knew that as soon as you saw the name Shinola, a brand that’s bringing the spirit of manufacturing back to Detroit. $125.

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Filson Card Case 

  1. Filson Bridle Leather Front Pocket Cash & Card Case

Filson’s front pocket wallet takes the minimalist concept to glorious extremes, featuring just two pockets for your cards and cash. What it lacks in space it makes up for in quality, hence the vegetable-tanned bridle leather construction and heavy-duty nylon threads. Equal parts simple, durable, and stylish, this made in the USA wallet achieves the kind of simplicity we can all aspire to. That makes it one of the best wallets you can buy. $75.

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Ashland Wallet 

  1. Ashland Leather Large Wallet with Dip-Dyed Whiskey Shell Cordovan

Shell Cordovan is a special type of equine leather that’s most commonly found in the world of high-end shoemaking. Ashland Leather uses the material on their wallets and the results are as smooth and sophisticated as you might expect. Feeling experimental, the brand tried a unique dip-dye method to arrive upon the signature color of this particular model. Slim by design, the limited-edition wallet still goes by the name of “Fat Herbie,” with room for cash and up to 16 cards. The privilege of owning one will cost you though. $350.

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Flowfold Wallet 

  1. Flowfold Vanguard

Let’s give it up for our friends at Maine-based Flowfold, who likewise make their wallets in the USA. Whereas we stick with premium leather, they employ rugged outdoor materials like racing sailcloth and patented Lite Skin Composite fabric. It gives way to supremely thin and durable wallets, which weigh essentially nothing and happen to last a lifetime. Available in different colors, they’re also quite affordable. The Vanguard is one of the brand’s best wallets and it features RFID blocking, a cash pocket, two ID windows, and two hidden card pockets. $40.

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 Heritage Wallet from Rogue Industries

  1. Rogue Industries Heritage Wallet

Sometimes, you just want a well-made minimalist wallet that’s traditional, durable, handsome, and affordable. Should this be one of those times, we have just the thing for you. Dubbed the Heritage Wallet, it’s crafted from genuine cowhide leather, slim enough for any style of carry, and designed to meet the most classical standards. Choose between cabernet or black and relish the unbeatable price point. Damn, we’re good. $55.

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Saddleback Wallet 

  1. Saddleback Leather Co. Large Bifold Leather Wallet

Presenting a true beast of a front pocket wallet, Saddleback Leather Co. uses full grain leather so as to retain the hide’s toughest components. Sure, you might see the occasional scar or imperfection, but some say that’s part of the charm. Speaking of charm, don’t forget the fact that leather develops a rich and unique patina over time. Bring in ultra-strong pigskin lining and you get a wallet that will last longer than you will. $99.

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Bellroy Travel Wallet - Designers Edition 

  1. Bellroy Travel Wallet - Designers Edition

Part of Bellroy’s Designers Edition range, this luxurious travel wallet delivers rich color and an ultra-smooth feel. The leather was ethically sourced in Europe and tanned in The Netherlands, where they used progressive techniques to enhance the material’s most desirable qualities. Designed with purpose, the wallet holds up to 10 cards (maybe more) and has separate sections for your passport, tickets, and bills. A micro travel pen and some refills are also included with purchase. Slide this beauty into your front pocket and go. Where? Anywhere. $169.

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Bison Card Case

  1. Rogue Industries Bison Card Case

Punching well above its price tag, the Bison Card Case makes deft use of American Bison Leather. This effortless EDC wears its origins on its sleeve, as evidenced by the unique grain patterns and brilliant texture. Like so much else from Rogue Industries, the wallet is proudly designed, cut, and stitched in Maine. It features two double capacity card slots on either side and a center bill pocket. This bad boy is a true keeper and a cost-effective one at that.  $29.

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Shinola Card Case 

  1. Shinola Five Pocket Card Case

If there is one card case to rule them all (not counting our own, of course), it may be this one from Shinola. From its premium leather construction to its painted edges to its impeccable lining, the minimalist wallet delivers satisfaction at every turn. RFID blocking is like icing on the cake. Keep the wallet in your front pocket to ward off pickpockets and cyber thieves alike. Smart. $125.

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Filson Bridle Leather Bi-Fold Wallet 

  1. Filson Bridle Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

Filson handcrafted this wallet in Seattle from vegetable-tanned bridle leather...and it shows. The six-slot layout is classic while the heavy duty nylon threads drive home an artisanal vibe. It might cost a little more than the standard counterpart, but those extra bucks will go a long way. We need say no more because this one speaks for itself. $135.

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 The Spartan Wallet from Rogue Industries

  1. Rogue Industries The Spartan Wallet

Want to have some bills left over after purchasing your next front pocket wallet? You’re in luck, because our latest and greatest FPW is a bona fide steal. Named The Spartan (and rightfully so), it’s the fruition of an 18-month quest for the perfect minimalist front pocket wallet. Fill it with your bare essentials and hit the town. $29.

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17.	Allen Edmonds RFID Pebble Grain Executive Bifold Wallet 

  1. Allen Edmonds RFID Pebble Grain Executive Bifold Wallet 

The two-toned pebble grain leather give this swanky wallet its soft and supple texture. Flip it open to discover all-leather lining in the currency pocket and a signature embossed logo. Inked edges come in for an immaculate finish. Will this front pocket wallet cost you? You bet it will. But you’ll know why at first touch. $150.

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Trayvax Contour Wallet 

  1. Trayvax Contour Wallet

And now for something completely different. It goes by the name of Contour and it’s like something out of a steampunk sci-fi movie. CNC-machine plating interweaves with leather straps to masterful effect, resulting in an outrageous aesthetic and a slim but sturdy design. Among front pocket wallets, this one’s a genuine sight to behold. Oh, and did we mention the integrated bottle opener? Cheers! $139.

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 Bellroy Card Holder


  1. Bellroy Card Holder

Engineered for the modern professional, this slim card holder offers more than meets the eye. Look beyond the slender leather exterior and you’ll find room for up to 20 business cards or 4-8 regular cards. Making a seamless thing that much more so, it features a bifold design and unique magnetic closure. Plus, it’s from Bellroy. $69.

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 Shinola Bifold 2.0

  1. Shinola Slim Bifold 2.0 Wallet

Shinola’s second-generation bifold wallet keeps it classic and there’s nothing wrong with that. Crafted from superior leather, it flaunts leather lining in the currency pocket and lined card slots. As a minimalist wallet, it renders major impressions through choice details like the subtle folded edges and brand emblem. Then we have the leather’s own natural texture and character, which will continue to develop with use. $195.

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Whether it's a contoured front pocket wallet, a minimalist card case or a traditionally shaped but slim wallet, we hope you've found inspiration for your next everyday carry. Are there any great front pocket wallets we missed? Hit us up in the comments.


Hi folks Are there plans to bring back the Nantucket front pocket wallet in salmon leather ? If so, I’d certainly grab one.
Thanks and stay healthy.

Peter March 16, 2021

I’ve been using 2 of your front pocket wallets for a few years now. They are great, hold everything I need and forced some ridding of unnecessary items. Kudos for great wallets and an informative summary of what else is available. I’ll stick with the Rogue.

Bill March 16, 2021

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