Earning Customer Trust

Here at Rogue Industries, your trust is something we work hard to earn. We know that many online shopping experiences lack a personal touch – but not at Rogue. (We love to do a better job than the competition.) So here are three ways we work to earn your trust every day: real customer service, accessible leadership, and excellent products backed by a solid guarantee. Pretty cool to work with a company that treats you well, no?


1. Real Customer Service

What’s your favorite hold time? Ours is zero - which is why we properly staff our customer service line. We don’t make you repeat yourself six times to a recording and then tell you to go to our website. Instead, call us at 1-800-786-1768, and you can talk to us here in Maine. Our team is happy to answer any questions you might have, and if we’re doing a good job, even take down your order.

Don’t like the phone? That’s ok. You can reach us by text, email, or chat too. You could even write us a letter. Everyone likes getting mail. We’re at:

Rogue Industries
650 Cape Road
Standish, ME 04084


2. Accessible Leadership

Sometimes you want to talk to the people at the top. With a small business like ours, they’re just as likely to be out on the factory floor tinkering with the equipment as they are trying to land retail partnerships. But every single customer email gets read. If you’d like to reach us, send a note to Michael Lyons, founder at Michael@rogue-industries.com, and he’ll get back to you. 


3. Reliable Leather Goods

Rogue’s leather goods are built to last. Sourcing the most durable leathers we can find means you won’t need to buy another wallet in a mere couple of years – but you might be back in that time to try out something else we make. Our two-year quality and workmanship guarantee is a no-brainer when you’ve got you have an exceptional manufacturing team working hard to build the best products. With each product that over delivers, we’re building that customer relationship – which is probably why we’ve been in business now for over 15 years.

What would you change? Leave a comment below. 

Thanks for reading,

The Team at Rogue

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