How to Clean a Leather Wallet

Wondering how to clean that perfect leather wallet, the one you see yourself carrying for many years to come? We're here to help. Rogue Industries has a few tips for how to clean leather wallets that will return your beloved piece back to looking its best in no time at all.

What You’ll Need to Clean Your Leather Wallet

Before sitting down to clean your genuine leather wallet, you’ll need to gather a few things first. The list isn’t long, but you’ll want to make sure you have everything together before you get started. Nothing worse than starting a project only to get halfway through and realizing you forgot the classified documents / parachute / alibi. 

  1. You’ll need 3-4 soft, clean cloths for this project. One for the initial pass, one for the cleaner, one for the conditioner, and one to dry.

  2. You will need a good quality leather cleaner. This is not a “one size cleans all” type of product. One great leather cleaner we recommend is Leather Honey. It’s a solid, dependable product that does an excellent job on genuine leather wallets. That said, if it's a real emergency and your wallet is marinating in BBQ sauce right now, you probably don't have time to go purchase some leather cleaner. So reach under your sink for a gentle liquid soap and get some warm water ready.

  3. You will also need a leather conditioner. A great option is our very own All Natural Leather Cream, which has been formulated specifically for the leathers that we use to create our wallets and other leather accessories.

Before sitting down to clean the entire wallet, you’ll want to test both your cleaner and conditioner in a small corner that is out of the way, on the inside where it can’t be seen. Make sure both products work as expected, and don’t cause any staining or discoloration. One you have the right products, and know they work well for your wallet, it’s time to actually start the process.

The Best Way to Clean Leather Wallets

Now that you have your supplies, it’s time to sit down and start cleaning and conditioning your wallet. You don’t need to do this process every month, but taking the time to clean and condition your leather wallet once a year or so will extend the life of the piece, add to its unique patina, It will also keep the leather soft, supple, and looking even more beautiful than it did when you first purchased the piece.

First, clean the interior of the wallet. Take everything out, and shake out any dirt or debris that has made its way inside. Use compressed air to gently blow out any lint, dust, or dirt that might be hiding.

Once the inside is clean, it’s time to get to the main event. You’ll want to first wipe down the entire exterior surface with a dry cloth to remove any loose dirt or grime that has built up over time. This will give you the best surface to work with.

Next, gently apply the leather cleaner with a clean cloth to the selected area of the wallet. Scrub in a circular motion to activate the cleaner and let it sit to do its thing. Once that’s done, use a clean, slightly damp cloth to wipe away the leather cleaner and any dirt it has removed.

Once dry, it’s time to apply the conditioner. Using a clean cloth, gently rub the conditioner over the entirety of the leather. You’ll want to pay special attention to seams and embossing to make sure the conditioner is properly applied. Don’t go for a thick coating – you just want to lightly rub a bit of the product in and let it soak into the surface, rather than accumulate on the top.

Finally, use a clean cloth to buff away any excess conditioner and lightly dry the wallet. Your leather wallet should now be looking better than new.

We hope this article was helpful. We've been in the wallet business for years, and are pleased to offer a wide range of products, from minimalist wallets to front pocket wallet to traditional billfolds. Whatever your wallet, we wish you many more years of use.

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Do these methods and products apply to leather briefcases/messenger bags as well? What about waterproofing?

Jarrod Tembreull October 05, 2021

Can I purchase the all natural leather cream from you?
Leather Honey also.

John Goodhue October 05, 2021

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