Using Sustainable Salmon Leather at Rogue Industries

Here at Rogue, we make some of the best designed accessories in the world, and through sustainable business practices, we seek to make the world a better place along the way.


We’ve spent years trying to find the most sustainable salmon leather on earth. Many of our wallets, coasters and keychains are made from Atlantic salmon leather, and we want to make sure we’re sourcing the leather with the lowest impact. It only makes sense that we would find the leather we’ve been looking for in Iceland, where they’ve been making fish leather since the 9th century.

 One huge salmon

Fish leather is made from fish skin. In the process of processing salmon for food, the skin is most often considered waste. (Aside from grilled salmon skin maki, fish skin is not often consumed.) Our partners in Iceland saw value in salmon skin where others didn’t. And we’re glad we found them, the only fish tannery in Europe.


The fish which become Rogue’s salmon leather are all third-party sustainability certified through the Aquaculture Stewardship Council. This means that these fish are raised in ways that minimize their environmental impact – from farm placement in appropriate, healthy waterways to measuring and monitoring animal and ecosystem health. The social aspect of the farm is also monitored, with all ASC certified farms offering fair wages and safe working conditions. In short, if you’re looking to purchase responsibly raised salmon, you can’t do better than an ASC certified farm.

Solar panels at Rogue 

The tannery itself is powered completely by renewable energy – just like Rogue’s own workshop – further limiting the environmental impact. All water used in the tanning process is reused as many as nine times. Best of all, the company uses natural, non-polluting dyes. The salmon leather made at Nordic Fish Leather is world-class, and we’re proud to partner with them. As we continue to find sustainable partners in the leather world, we’re thankful to have your support.

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